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Faith - Practice and not just a theory!


I can remember just too well that as a teenager I always had up and downs. From each youth conference I returned home with great motivation, but not more than that. Back home everything was back to the normal daily life: Saturday congregation, during the week a little reading in the Bible, praying and trying to be a "good person". When I was 19 I finally realized that my life cannot go on like that and I tried frantically to change something, but there were so many things I didn't understand - everything was just in theory.

One day my mother gave me the book "Revival at the base"* that was written by Ivo Sasek's children, and I was fascinated: I could just say - I also want a life like this! Simple experiences from the everyday life showed me that they live from second to second guided by God's life and peace. Here came the change in my life that I longed for: To get up in the morning with joy to begin the day with the Lord and to learn to be in HIM the whole day. I could (and can) learn in the OCG to feel God's peace and follow it in every situation. Finally no more compromises, indolence and dreaming after worldly things - I have found something much better! It is absolutely exciting to learn to follow God's impacts in the everyday life and to live for the whole. I had a beautiful revelation that every situation in my life is perfectly and practically planned by God and I can just follow this best way in faith. 

So come and see by yourself and don't let yourself be deceived by the "sect-lies" etc. - I was never as free as now! 

Be blessed,

Anina Serby

(Israel, 23 years) 


* Till now the book is only available in german - "Erweckung and der Basis".